Are you unsure whether your pet’s diet is optimally supplied by its feed?

The most natural way of feeding your dog or cat is BARF. However, meat alone is not enough. It also depends on the supply of micronutrients, trace elements and vitamins.

The ancestor of our dog – the wolf – also eats the organs of its prey animal in nature. These contain, for example, all the necessary microorganisms for a well-functioning intestinal flora. It is not always possible to feed fresh offal, so it is important to cover the supply of our 4 legged friends with a natural food supplement. 

Unlike synthetically produced products, your animal cannot be oversupplied by natural feed supplements. Only what is needed is absorbed by the body. 

Micronutrients are essential for a balanced diet! 

With our provenFit-BARF MicroMineraloptimal care is child's play.

Pure Natural Product

Individually Tailored

Made In Germany

Fit-BARF MicroMineral contains 100% all-natural ingredients, which are rich in natural, readily available micronutrients, such as minerals, trace elements, vitamins, etc.

  •  To supply the animal with important vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and selected herbs
  • All-natural mineral supplement feed with high bioavailability
  • For an individual menu tailored to your animal

Due to the high proportion of eggshell powder Fit-BARF Mineral offers an easily usable animal calcium source for daily feeding.

  • Mineral supplement feed with high bioavailability
  • With all-natural calcium source from eggshells and algae lime for healthy bone growth
  • Also suitable for dogs with bone intolerance

Fit-BARF Mineral Cat now combines the experience of the classic MicroMineral of more than 10 years with organic moringa, green-lipped mussel and peat to an unprecedented overall concept of vitality and nutrients. 

  • All-natural mineral supplement feed with taurine
  • Contains minerals with high bioavailability
  • For an individual menu tailored to your cat

In order to remain permanently healthy and efficient, our cats and dogs also need secondary plant substances, which they originally found in the body of their prey. For this purposeFit-BARF Safe complete was developed.
  • Vegetable-herb combinations with important vitamins, trace elements & amino acids.
  • For a grain-free & balanced diet in raw feeding
  • Easy to use.

Looking for more innovative BARF additives? 

From oil and herbal compositions, fruit and vegetables to special individual supplements, we offer you everything your BARFer heart desires withFit-BARF 

Nothing should stand in the way of an individually tailored feeding for your pet!

Are you a BARF beginner? 

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